Parents Without Surrender Support Group

This is a peer-led support group for adults involved in DHHS/CPS systems and experiencing relinquishment issues. The group will provide a networking opportunity for adults to establish community support, explore issues of grief and loss, maintain healthy focus and sobriety.

This therapy group will:

  • support adults experiencing custody issues related to DHHS/CPS, provide pre and post-relinquishment support avenues, provide an arena in which to process feelings and decisions along with others in a safe and sober environment.
  • supports the belief that parents have a sustaining love for their children that does not end.
  • supports the belief that people keep growing after difficult times.
  • Provide referral for therapy to address mental health, substance abuse, relinquishment and grief therapy is provided as needed.

Cost: This group is free of charge. A pre-screening intake is required.

Time: To be arranged.